Coronavirus - We are currently in the Yellow Readiness Level, which means face to face activities can resume outdoors and overnight events for up to 6 people with an approved Risk Assessment. For the latest updates, please check out our dedicated page by clicking here.


The people who volunteer their time and make it happen…

Beaver Scout Leaders

Katy Fox

Beaver Scout Leader (BSL)

Sally Ellis

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ABSL)

Naomi Hewitt

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ABSL)

Cub Scout Leaders


Cub Scout Leader (CSL)

Annette Johnson

Assistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL)

Ryan Knox

Cub Scout Sectional Assistant (SA)

Scout Leaders

Chris Raynor

Scout Leader (SL)

Sam Hill

Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)

Julie Bryant

Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)

Ashley Faulks

Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)

Group Leaders

Andrew Wilkes

Group Scout Leader (GSL)

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