Outdoor Cinema

Settling down for the Jungle Book

The Cubs settled down for our first ever outdoor cinema.

Cubs First Night Back

First Cubs Face to Face evening since 17th March 2020!

We had our first night back tonight amongst the Buttercups, hosting 16 of our Cubs. Below are some images from our first night back. We played games to learn each others names as a lot are new and the Cubs…

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Cubs return face to face!

No more Zoom!!!!!

On Wednesday, 9th June 2021 Cubs will return back to face to face Scouting! We will not be meeting in the hut though and to start with Cubs will only be for 1 hour for us all to get used…

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Happy St George’s Day

The patron saint of Scouts

Why do we as Scouts celebrate St George’s Day? This is because Baden-Powell chose St Georg to be the patron saint of Scouts. He wanted St George’s Day to be a time to reflect on the Scout promise and what…

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