On Wednesday, 9th June 2021 Cubs will return back to face to face Scouting!

We will not be meeting in the hut though and to start with Cubs will only be for 1 hour for us all to get used to the new rules.

Where will we meet?

We will be meeting in a horse paddock located: https://w3w.co/merit.bleak.descended if you download the What 3 Words app and enter ///merit.bleak.descended it will guide you straight to the gate. You can also use the link to see where we are meeting as well. You can see below where we are meeting the dot of the blue W3W logo represents where we are.

Wash hands and go toilet

Can you please make sure that you Cub has gone to the toilet and washed their hands before attending. There is no toilet facilities available at the field other than a tree wee if really necessary.


We are meeting outside so we recommend they are prepared for what ever the British weather will through at them!
From Sun hats and a drink to rain coats and warm jacket. Please keep them in a bag so it’s not scattered around the field!

If the weather is looking really bad we may contact you to cancel. We will email and put it on FaceBook.

Social Distancing

Please remind your Cub that they need to keep apart and follow social distancing at Cubs. We know how hard this is going to be so we aim to design the evenings to help along with gental reminders.

Drop off and collection

You will hand over your Cub/s to a leader at the gate of the paddock then move away, to allow the next parent to drop their Cub/s off. Collection will be in the opposite direction. As you are more likely to be waiting on collection please queue along the fence keeping 2m apart.

The entrance from Braunstone Lane East to Aylestone Meadows there is a V in the fence for you to get through (I recommend the second one after the bridge though as the first is very steep drop near the water). We would advise that you use hand sanitiser after touching the posts of the style.

If standing waiting to drop off or collecting please stand next to the fence and remember not to congregate in a huddle and to keep 2m away from each family group.

Once the leader takes then they will sanitise their hands and sit in a designated area while waiting for others to come.