Online payments via DD now available

You can now pay via Direct Debit!

Would you like to not worry about paying subs every month? Or having to Queue up to pay at the table or waiting to speak to a Leader who is taking subs.

Why not simplify matters by paying via Direct Debit online.

Here is some feedback we have received:

“The online payments were extremely easy to set up and I can relax knowing I won’t forget to make any future payments.
Plus I receive an email every month letting me know in advance that a payment will taken.”

Duncan Bryant


“Easier than you can imagine, it took no time at all.”

Tina Cotton


“It is so simple to set up and the best thing is you never get caught out owing more than one months subs!”

Alison Knighton

“I don’t understand why all the other parents want to queue there and then find out they owe a few months etc… This takes all the hassle out of it! Same way as you pay all your bills! No one stands in line to pay a gas bill its all done by Direct Debit. I was telling people about it on Monday, I would say it is really easy to set up and takes the hassle out of remembering cash each month!”

Naomi Hewitt

If you wish to make paying easier for all, please ask a Leader or email me on stating the section and the young persons name.

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